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emo boys are soo0o0o0o hot

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[08 Sep 2006|07:42pm]

[name] Hazel
[age] 17
[eye color] brown
[hair color] brown
[music] The Vines, Billy Talent, The Subways, Patd
[single?] Umm... I think so.
[hobbies] listening and makin' music, my guitar, eating, sleeping, watchin' hot pics^^
[favorite movie] Nightmare before Christmas, Pirates of the Carribean
[favorite game] sex
[whats so special about you] Dunno... I'm lunatic?
[anything else] I fuckin' love emo-boys... but they also do.

Me and the most hottest emo-boy i've ever seen in real...Collapse )

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[12 Apr 2004|04:22pm]
First 20 people get auto stamped, fool.

[11 Apr 2004|11:39pm]
Join now or forever hold your peace.

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